“This book, not very small, not very big, comes with the invitation to be part of the quest for democracy, because bikes are not mere machines, they are the symbol that humanity has chosen in this century to represent citizens’ fight for better cities everywhere in the world. “

Francisco Pailliè Pérez

Around the World in 80 Bicycles is an editorial project that seeks to highlight the value of the bicycle in our contemporary world; stories of individuals, families and groups who have committed to different lifestyles, resisting the monoculture of the private car.

Through essays and 80 photographs, we celebrate the importance of the bicycle in the cities we inhabit today, whether it is used for sport, recreation or transportation; and we recognize its value in the construction of sustainable, free, healthy and happy cities.

The 80 photographs were selected through an international competition, which was organized with the support of Colombia en Fotos, receiving more than 600 entries, You can visit our gallery here.

The book counts with the participation of writers, activists and experts from Colombia with essays by Andrés Felipe Vergara, Carlos Cadena Gaitán, Carlos Felipe Pardo, Carolina Daza, Francisco Pailliè Pérez, Isabel Arteaga Arredondo, Juan Manuel Restrepo; from México with essays by Pablo Fernández Christlieb, Ruth Pérez López and Ximena Ocampo Aguilar; from Argentina with essay by Guillermo Dietrich; from USA, with essays by Julia De Martini Day, Sarah M. Kaufman and Tazmine Loomans; and from the United Kingdom with an essay by Ben Hamilton-Baillie.

The book is one of the resulting projects of the World Bike Forum, the biggest cycling event in history that took place in Medellin, Colombia the last week of February.

You can find the book in:

Kichink (online store): Editorial El Caminante


MedellínTeatro Pablo Tobón Uribe, y/o Humanese.

Ciudad de MéxicoATEA y/o Museo Franz Mayer.

If you have a question, please write us to: info@80bicicletas.com.



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